How to work, learn & teach from anywhere

How to work, learn & teach from anywhere .

Hi Friends,
If your business, work or school has been disrupted by current pandemic incidence , you might find yourself having to work or study from home.
To help you adjust and manage your workload effectively, we’ve put together a list of useful resources. click each bellow to see full detail.

How to work, learn & teach from anywhere

For workers

• 6 tips for better video calls More >
• Tools for better remote working More >
• Staying focused with mindfulness More >

For business owners

• Keeping customers updated with Google My Business More >
• Achieving a balanced and flexible workforce More >
• Running brainstorming sessions remotely More >

For teachers

• Engaging students through distance learning More >
• Using digital tools in your lesson plans More >
• Sharing information with interactive presentations More >

For students & learners

• Learning new online skills More >
• Getting organised with Google Drive More >
• Bite-sized lessons in business or marketing More >

You may need to go through the first step of having online presence .

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