7 Money Murdering Mistakes No Web Designer Would Dare Tell You

There’s no better time to take a look at your web strategy and web designer jobs than right now .

The essence of a winning  website is to connect you and your prospective buyers.

I want to reveal to you some mistakes that most web designers make in small business web design so these mistakes should be avoided at all cost .

MISTAKE #1: Design that Lack Mobile-Friendly experience

MISTAKE #2:  Design With No Clear-Cut about Your Target Buyers

MISTAKE #3:  No strong call to action that drives users

MISTAKE #4:  No Analytics to Measure Performance

MISTAKE #5:  Website Not HTTPS (Secure)

MISTAKE #6: Website Slow Load Time

MISTAKE #7: No Blog Integration

MISTAKE #1: Design that Lack Mobile-Friendly experience

Mobile-Friendly experience is also known as responsive website.

Most online buyers are mobile users. Ie Consumers use their smartphone more than the desktop online .

Google is very interested in mobile user experience. One of the things that Google will demand when you want to optimize your site, is its responsiveness .

Take note that Google does not approve any website that is not responsive.

Responsiveness is the ability to automatically resize a website in different devices ( Desktop, laptop, smartphones ) to make it look good.

Visit this Website Yazida Stitches on your desktop and then on your smartphone to compare.


web designer

Be at alert because the majority of website designers are ignorant or too lazy to implement it .


MISTAKE #2:  Design With No Clear-Cut about Your Target Buyers

90% of Website designers are guilty of not factoring in the target buyers persona in website design.

They usually don’t probe to understand who you actually want to sell to.

No business thrives when the dream customers are not known. In the same line, an effective website cannot be designed if the dream buyers are not factored in the design .


MISTAKE #3:  No Strong Call To Action (CTA)That Drives Visitors

Web designer mistakes  that is  mostly underrated  out there is CTA.

Call to Action(CTA) means what next you want your website visitors to do .

CTA  has to be written in a simple clear compelling tune. Eg

  • Subscribe
  • Add to Cart
  • Get Started
  • Request a Demo
  • Sign  Up
  • Buy Now . Etc

web designer

MISTAKE #4:  No Analytics to Measure Performance

This is most frequent in the world of web design mistakes.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software.

It is Google’s free web analytics service that allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website.

It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.

web designer

Google Analytics measures  your (website data) such as the city where traffic is coming from, the page you’re measuring, or the social media channel you’re evaluating etc


MISTAKE #5:  Website Not HTTPS (Secure)

In this age of cyber threats and online uncertainty, consumers are losing confidence.

HTTPS tells customers that you’re utilizing an SSL certificate.

Https:www at your address bar means that your website got verified and that their information is being handled safely.

web designer

Https have distinct advantages over http

Not having a secure website is like waving a red flag for both search engines and cautious website visitors.

The search engines push websites that are not https: further down in the search results and limit your online visibility.


MISTAKE #6: Website Slow Load Time 

Website load time is the time it takes your website to load when keyed into a browser.

A slow website load time limits your business.

A slow website load time affects the SEO- search engine Optimization .

A slow load time discourages website users (high bounce rate) .

Every website owner should ensure that fast load time is top on the list for your website.

A lot of website designers are not concerned about it but you should .

Slow website load time is from 3seconds and above.


MISTAKE #7: No Blog Integration 

Top brands and businesses create blog post to educate their customers, share news, and reach a wider audience.

Blogging is an essential part of online marketing strategy for many businesses.

They are used to drive traffic to websites via SEO integration .

You must ensure that your website developer integrates it into your website .


You need to ask these few questions to a website developer before you hire him .


  • How will I drive traffic to the website?
  • Who is going to update the website, and how often?
  • How much will website maintenance or updates cost?
  • Will I own the cpanel After Design ? (Cpanel is your right)

Are you guilty of any website design mistakes?

Are you thinking of having your own designed to avoid such mistakes no Web Designer Would Dare Tell You. 

Do you feel we are the right Website Designers? why not Contact Us

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